Excel Tutoring

We deliver tailored training to staff, enabling more effective use of Excel to support the business! Excel is an incredibly powerful application that most users only exploit to a fairly basic level.  Many specialist software applications exist that are, in reality, too expensive for some businesses to adopt or they come with costly training programmes.

At the most basic level Excel takes data, manipulates it and then presents it in a form that can be used to inform decision making.  There are so many ways in which you can leverage this programme that it is often better to define the problem and then develop the solution

Performance Reporting

We can deliver training that can leverage your data via Excel and automate it into PowerPoint for report production and management

Extraction of Data

We can deliver training that allows you to extract data from your own applications, sources and the web.  Extraction can include cleaning up the data and setting automatic refresh.

Statistical Analysis

The competitive advantage of having data is only gained when it is possible to analyse it and then allow timely and effective decisions to be made.

Controls & Audit

One of the most common uses of Excel is to analyse data to identify errors or issues that need to be addressed. Essentially this is applying controls and then enhancing effectiveness by automation.  

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